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What/Where is Designbox?

Designbox is located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. We have been a part of the growth and creative explosion of the downtown area since 2000, and are excited to help influence the momentum.

Designbox is an innovation house, working with clients around the world (and in our own back yard) to create products, brands and experiences that positively impact the world. We strongly believe in creative collaboration and, in that spirit, seek to showcase inspiring and inventive culture, inventions and product launches, design innovation and "WOW Look at that!" creativity. Gallery openings, product launch parties, and pop-up shops are all part of how we shine a spotlight on great ideas within Designbox and Raleigh. We showcase many creators and feature changing events at our firm.

The Designbox online shop represents a few select items we are very close to, either because WE made it (YAY!) or because friends of ours did (DOUBLE YAY!) or we think it's super cool and just want to help get it out there. We have special events often where the creators themselves share their stories, successes and challenges.


For more information about Designbox visit the main website at www.designbox.us.


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